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Edmund Crispin wrote nine detective novels and two collections of short stories. His real name was Robert Bruce Montgomery and he took his pseudonym, Edmund Crispin, from a character in Michael Innes’s Hamlet, Revenge!

His┬ástories feature Oxford don Gervase Fen, who is a Professor of English at the University and a fellow of St Christopher’s College, a fictional institution that Crispin locates next to St John’s College. The whodunit novels have complex plots and fantastic, somewhat unbelievable solutions, including examples of the locked room mystery. They are written in a humorous, literary and sometimes farcical style and they are also among the few mystery novels to break the fourth wall occasionally and speak directly to the audience.

In addition to his reputation as a leader in the field of mystery genre, he was the regular crime-fiction reviewer for the Sunday Times from 1967 and contributed to many periodicals and newspapers and edited science-fiction anthologies.


“One of the undiscovered treasures of British crime fiction:

Crispin’s storytelling is intelligent, humane, surprising and rattling good fun” – A.L. Kennedy


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